Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Book review - Glory Hole - Matt Shaw

Kelly is going through a bad patch. She has recently found out that her soon to be - ex husband has been cheating on her for the past three years!

She doesn't really have anyone she can turn to. Her Mom and Dad live in Cyprus and she rarely sees her Brother and Sister. 

Her friend Emma and her boyfriend Sam offer to put her up for a while. Whilst living there she discovers Emma's promiscuous and adventurous lifestyle.

Emma tells her to forget about her ex husband and invites her to join her and Sam to one of their 'nightclubs.' Kelly is unsure, she is fairly shy has never slept with anyone that she has never had feelings for.

Thinking back to her ex husbands comments about their boring sex life, Kelly tries on her latex costume and begins to grow in confidence. Emma and Sam offer to set her up with a mutual friend - Nick.

An entertaining if not slightly twisted story with a really funny twist.

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