Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book review - Iain Rob Wright - The Gates

I got to read this release early as being part of the authors advance reader programme. The gates is a novel by Iain that sees a series of mysterious stones appearing throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Nobody knows where the stones came from, or their purpose. In the opening chapter of the book we see Elizabeth Creasey meeting her grizzly demise at the hands of one of the mysterious objects whilst out walking her dog one morning.

We are introduced to several main characters each written from a different perspective and location from around the world;

Rick Bastion. An ex pop star living a recluse lifestyle off the back of his one hit wonder 'cross to bear.' Rick gets a surprise visit from someone who he hasn't seen in a while. His brother, Keith. Devon, UK.

Mina Magar and David Davids. Investigative reporter and photographer from the Slough Echo. London, UK.

Tony Cross. A soldier in the English army, currently serving in the border between Iraq and Syria.

Guy Granger. Captain of the USCG Hatchet. Lower Bay, New York.

The story cuts to the perspective of Samantha Smart, Central Park. One of the stones has opened up, revealing a gateway - the scene transcends into carnage as evil creatures and demons attack the earth in their hundreds, killing anyone that stands in their way. Literally creating hell on earth.

From here on in we follow the stories from the different aspects of the main characters. Each one a different scenario played out with developing twists. Each character have their own agendas. Sacrifices are made, unlikely alliances are formed and people are drafted in from across the globe to make a stand against this common threat.

Anyone who knows Iains work would tell this was his writing without being told. It has his signature stamped all over it. Take aspects from The Final Winter, Savage, and Soft Target and you will have an idea of the scale of an apocalypse portrayed in the gates.

Anyone unfamiliar with Iains work, think Hellraiser meets Independence Day.

Effortless to read , well written and scary as Hell (on Earth)

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