Saturday, 12 September 2015

Book review - Matt Shaw - The Penthouse

Duncan had it all. Wealth, power, influence. He was the type of man who didnt need to check his bank balance if he felt like buying a new car - something that he very often did.

A succesful business man, business is a gamble. Something that Duncan is about to discover. As his debts mount and his luck continues to run out. He is left with only a small amount of money left in his back account, his luxury home - the penthouse in the luxury Watch Tower apartment complex and his laptop computer.

Duncan has a brainwave about setting up his own reality TV show. He has seen it so many times before, all of these shows were set up - fake. His would be real. Using the last of his money he buys the necessary equipment and presses record.

As things begin to unfold, Duncans deluded plan falls flat on its face and he has to desperately think of ways to bring viewers to his site.

A dark story with some great dialogue. Watch out for the unique, hilarious twist.

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