Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book review - Pride. Even Hell Has Standards. Chantal Noorderloos

This was the first delve into this particular author's work as I wanted to reduce the backlog of reading material I had before adding to it.

I started with Pride as it was a fairly short book and i wanted to get a  flavour for her style of writing and perspective. 

Adolf Zakerny has been a bad bad man in life. He is a serial killer of children nicknamed the baby butcher. Although he didn't quite get to his target figure of a 1000. He certainly did enough to guarantee himself a place in hell.

This is where things get interesting in the story, as Chantal takes us through a potentially different look and set of circumstances that everyone believes to be Hell. Adolf believes his evil and depravity in life will secure him a place in service of Lucifer in Hell. Sure he is evil, but Lucifer is not as he seems. The upshot being that Adolf must make the ultimate decision between retribution and his own Hell. Will he choose wisely?

This is a great book. I really enjoyed the writing. It was descriptive and dark, and the story was a good mixture of scary, quirky and disturbing. I will be checking our more of Chantal's work.

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