Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book review - Kill For A Copy - Various


This new collection of short stories is from a series of fairly new or unknown writers. Please do not let this deter you!! Setting aside Jack Rollins and Stuart Keane, I have never read of of the work from any of the other authors in this anthology.

From the offset Rollins and Keane catch our attention immediately by grabbing us around the literary scruffs of our necks with their tales Home Sweet, Home and Bon Appetite respectively. Both of which are well written and examples of authors understanding the truest concept of horror.

I wont mention all of the stories, but the collection continues and shoots off in many different angles and introduces sub genres. Each story told with a unique spin and delivery. Here is my pick of my favourite five;

Be Careful What You Wish For by Sharon Higa - A short but punchy tale of an ill fated hitch hiker.

Bovine Rule by SL Dixon - Horror meets dark humour as the cows start to go wild.

Tactile Living by Audrey EL Coots - This clever story brings us a woman living her dream lifestyle with the help of a state of the art virtual reality game. What could possibly go wrong?

The Herald Of Our Times by Matthew Teah - An extremely well written story about an apocalypse scenario, written from a totally unique perspective.

Towards the end of the collection we see the intensity being increased until it explodes into the final story in the book, a story which i found a particularly uncomfortable read - And trust me, I do not scare easily!

Hell awaits by Feind Gottes - A story that just about nailed my entire worst fears in the most horrible way possible.

In summary, a great release from a fairly new press that really showcases the talents of some great undiscovered writers.

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