Sunday, 13 September 2015

Book review - Andrew Lennon - Twisted Shorts

This new release by Andrew Lennon is a collection of short stories. The stories are pretty much as explained in the title. There are a mixture of titles that have already been previously released and totally new material. Whatever your taste in horror and thrills, there is sure to be something in this collection that will float your boat;
Nightmares - The demented tale of a man struggling with sleep. Arriving home one evening from work he retires to bed after dinner and a  few beers. When his wife Tess returns home after an evening out with friends, she disturbs an intruder and carnage ensues.
Daddy's Girl - Scott's girlfriend Jane is killed one evening after he crashed his car. Scott was drunk, he blames himself for her death. So does her father - Dr Harrison. See the result of a surgeon with revenge in mind. A dark and brutal story.
Slayer - Russell and Greg are friends. Russell is athletic, sporty and a hit with the girls. Gregg is always one step behind his friend, which is probably fortunate for him when Russell gets mowed down by a truck. Gregg cries himself to sleep for weeks after the accident until one day he gets a phone call.. From Russell. Great story with underlying dark humour.
The Externals - A first person suspense story about a man struggling to deal with the visitors around him, talking, mocking. he cannot see them, or touch them but they are there. Great atmospheric writing.
Family Man - One of my favourites. A dark, twisted tale about a man that finds his family dead. He killed them, he knows he did it, he just doesn't understand why. Sometimes there just isn't an explanation. Two friends are talking about the rumours surrounding the incident. Gavin's father is a dead beat, drunk and violent towards him and his mother. Paul's father was the perfect family man. Look out for the shocking twist.
Tears Of A Clown - Billy grew up without a real place in life, school was a struggle. He had a weak immune system leading to constant illness. See how the tale unfolds where we see a clown with a collection of tricks involving a claw hammer, knives, a mallet and a button hole flower that sprays acid...
Time - A heart warming story about Bill, a man who comes home to a meal cooked by his wife, it seems that she has something to celebrate. She isn't sharing the wine with dinner, what is her news? Bill goes to work on his science fiction book, before long the story takes an unexpected turn.
Devourer - Pete and his family are on holiday in Malta. A jet skiing accident leads to a strange incident as he is dragged below the surface of the water. He disappears,  a search and rescue team fail to locate his body, only his life jacket. Totally unique story.
Throw A Punch - Being fifteen years old and being bullied sucks. Joe is bullied on a daily basis by Kevin and his two thugs. Despite his friend Stephen's advice, he never fights back until one day when circumstances force his hand.
The Swings - Emily and Rose enjoy playing in the park. They love the slides and especially the swings. When approached by a strange, elderly man he explains that he lost his daughter in a tragic accident in the park. That evening in a sleepover, the girls exchange ghost stories - with interesting results.
I enjoyed each of these stories, they were all totally different and effortless to read. A great eclectic collection from a promising writer.

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