Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review - Trapped - Matt Shaw & Michael Bray

Trey and Simone have been happily married for sixteen years. They have a good marriage and a healthy sex life. Which is why it came as such a surprise to Simone when she came home one day to find Trey in bed with another woman - Sharon, the office bike.

After the affair, the seeds of doubt were sewn in Simone's mind, the man she married, once the man of her dreams was a cheat, she struggled to trust him after he admits that the affair had been going on a couple of months.

Being a proud woman, Simone never told anyone of her husband's betrayal, not even her family and closest friends. 

She finds herself completely paranoid about his every action. She suspects every single phone call or text message that he receives. She threatens to leave, she starts to have hallucinations about Trey and his lover. It begins to affect her sleep and her health.

Trey lays it on the line and suggests that they both take a holiday - A road trip together, to essentially make or break their marriage. She begrudgingly agrees. 

Following a random run in with a racist thug at a petrol station, Simone runs to Trey's office for a shoulder to cry on, only to find that his car isn't there. He isn't at work and neither is Sharon.

Betrayal and hurt turns to anger and thoughts of revenge as the story takes a much darker path. 

Enter Nathan Tyson, the well educated man with his own agenda. A man who believes that fear is the ultimate motivation. 

I can't give too much away as it is essentially the plot of the story but i will say expect the unexpected with several clever plot twists along the way. There will be violence, sex, and depravity. The finale of this book will leave you stunned.

Shaw and Bray really take us to a dark place in this book. Gritty, shocking and superb. Be warned, its not for the faint hearted.

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