Saturday, 31 October 2015

Book review - Grin - Stuart Keane

Before I proceed, I just want to say, look at that cover image. That's enough to give anyone nightmares to begin with.

For Keane's latest offering we follow the story of seventeen year old Dani.

Dani leads the normal life of a teenager, raised by her parents, Dennis and Carla to respect family values. Even if it does mean her having to put up with her annoying eight year old brother; Teddy.

Life is good. She has a steady boyfriend, Ben, and her father has just given her the present that any teenager could wish for - the keys to his BMW.

Unfortunately for Dani, this is where things really take a turn for the worse. Unknown to her, her fathers involvement with a notorious London gangster, Ross Rhodes leads to the order being given for home invasion by Bradley, his right man.

The invasion leaves Dani's family executed and her as the only survivor, brutally disfigured by her attacker.

Twelve months on and Dani's physical scars have healed, however she has become a woman with a mission in life, one goal - revenge. 

The story is quite cleverly split up into three parts; 

1. Consequences.
2. Best Laid Plans.
3. Vengeance.

I don't want to give any spoilers to the story, but I can say that from the outset that this book is one hell of a thrilling ride. 

The character background is written so well that you actually feel for Dani. The story builds as a steady crescendo through the first two parts until an explosion in part three that literally left me physically breathless.

Expect a brilliant story, fantastic characters, blood, gore and unbelievable action scenes. I beta read this story in one sitting, I'm fairly sure that you will too, because once you start, you won't want to put it down. 

Its the littler things with Keane's writing, that attention to detail that make him stand out as a writer;

'He looked like a modernized version of Death, his scythe replaced with a pump action shotgun.'

Ive said it before, i will say it again. Stuart Keane is a remarkable writer and a brilliant story teller. I can't give enough praise for this book. A phenomenal accolade to his collection.

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