Sunday, 11 October 2015

Book Review - The Island - Michael Bray

The story starts in 2018 and introduces the character Damian Lomar. A man looking to take the reigns of the Lomar Corporation from his father; Jackson.

Damian has a vision. A vision of producing an island. A totally man made structure. A natural habitat for creatures of the world to exist in peace, away from the polluted cities. 

Forward to 2043. The pollution in the city is worse and the economy is broken. People cannot find work. Enter Chase Riley. A man desperate to find work to support his wife Ashley and terminally ill daughter Elsie. Elsie, now nine was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was five years old. Chase himself is becoming more concerned at his ever worsening cough.

Damian Lomar publicly announces that he wants to re-open the island after ten years. He has the idea of producing a reality TV show. The concept is simple; Survive the island, travel from one side to the other and one person can win whatever prize they desire. Money, publicity. In a world where Chase can find a cure for his daughter for the right price, he attempts to enter the competition, only to have his suspicions confirmed about his own failing health. 

The first six contestants are assembled and meet up with Damian Lomar before travelling to the island; Chase, Moses, Perrie, Ryder, Ellie,  and Alex. They are about to go head to head in a competition that signing a waiver could ultimately result in signing their own death warrant. 

Nobody knows for sure who or what is on the island. As the competitors are dropped in the safe zone and camp overnight, rumours of radiation contaminated mutants, and ghosts emerge. 

As they proceed, it seems that things are not as straight forward as they first thought as they get involved in the thrill of the hunt. But who is hunting who? It soon becomes clear which of the contestants have survival experience as the group begin to acknowledge to themselves that survival may not be an option. 

A rollercoaster of a read. Thrills, scares, excitement, cannibalism, betrayal, this story has it all. It will keep you hooked from the start and throughout. An absolutely huge achievement for Michael Bray. An absolutely massive book, not in terms of page count but in terms of the colossal story.

As in his previous Cody Rexell and the death worm, Bray has proven once more that he is a varied and talented writer. 

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