Saturday, 24 October 2015

Book review. N Is For Nightmare - Iain Rob Wright

Norman 'Noddy' Shakespear was pretty much your average nineteen year old. He worked, he drove, he lived with his mom who he paid rent. 

Ever since his ex girlfriend; Michelle had dumped him six months ago he enjoyed going out, having fun, getting drunk, getting high.

Tonight, he hadn't intended going mad, maybe a few pints. That was until he had bumped into Gaz. 

Now Gaz was always a bad influence, but he was always guaranteed to have the best gear. Following an alcohol and ecstasy fuelled evening, the boys meet a couple of birds. 

In a mess, Noddy somehow manages to drive home. Having not eaten since lunch he raids the fridge for leftovers, when he meets another girl. A younger girl, holding a dead cat....

Iain returns to his A to Z with this little cracker. A great story, with a nice twist.

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