Saturday, 5 December 2015

Book review - Matt Shaw - Into The Woods

Something a little different from extreme horror author, Matt Shaw as he offers up his first thriller.

Scott Hunter, his wife, Joanne and their two boys; Michael (18) and Arran (20) opt for a camping holiday. Being used to holidays abroad, this came as a shock to his family but Scott didn’t get the bonus at work that he had been hoping for. Arran was going away to join the Navy and Scott wanted one last piece of quality family time.

They decide upon Camp Crustal Lake, a premier commercial camping site. After a disastrous experience with directions and being dumped in a signal black spot, they (or Scott) decide to set up camp in a field, claiming that it will be a more realistic camping experience.

Scott and Joanne go shopping for provisions, and leave the boys to put up their tent. Upon their return, the boys have been joined by a couple of strangers; Tim and Shaun, the owners of the land. Scott offers them payment for camping, but they decline and state that they are going to set up camp as well, as they were in the middle of a camping trip. The group sense that there is something a little off about Tim.

As the evening progresses, the discussion turns to the subject of hunting and there is an exchange of words between the two groups. Scott fabricates a telephone call from his office, stating that there is a problem that they require him to resolve and that they need to leave the following morning.

The two men warn the group not to venture into the woods as there was a hunt in progress. When everyone wakes up the next morning, the two boys, Michael and Arran are missing. There is only one direction that they could have headed..

I enjoyed this story, it was full of tension, and twists and doesn’t stand still. A couple of scenes are extremely gritty. A great thriller.

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