Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book review - Nails - Fiona Dodwell

Ive read a few things now by this author and thoroughly enjoyed them, so when I saw this title released, I thought I would give it a whirl.

This is the story of Carla Bracken, a young lady who has decided to take the plunge from living with her parents, to her own rented house in the mysterious sounding number six, Moorelands.

In an unsecure job, the move will take her closer to work so that she can save on travel costs and brings her closer to her boyfriend; Josh.

Upon moving into the house, Carla starts to experience some strange occurences; Music stopping itself when played, strange tapping noises and voices throughout the night, and kitchen chairs seemingly moving on their own.

Unsure of whether she is just tired, Carla mentions it to Josh who sets up a recorder to try and capture the noises, with some interesting results.

When Carla gets a surprise visit from her new neighbour; Felicity, she begins to paint a picture that everything isn't as it seems, and that there is something mysterious about the previous tenant; Isabella Dundee and her daughter, Alicia.

Like the other stuff I have read by Dodwell, its very well written. It manages to build atmosphere and suspense well from the start, and has some really nice creepy moments. 

There are some great characters introduced throughout the story, and the character of Carla is well portrayed. Is she a woman who is really hearing and seeing things, or is her sanity beginning to slip away from her.

The only thing that stopped me giving it that extra star, is the character of Josh. He is portrayed as the boyfriend who is reluctant to commit to their relationship, but doesn't explain fully, why. Then, goes full tilt at the end, and again, offers no real reason.

In all, another great read. Creepy and chilling in the right places. The way the Carla character is written, really makes you sympathise with the feelings caused by her ordeal, and the lack of options that she has to escape them. A brilliant build throughout, and a nice, unexpected ending.

My rating 4/5. Keep them coming, I will continue to enjoy this writer's work.

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