Sunday, 24 January 2016

Book review - Wrath - Chantal Noordeloos

Following on from her previous book in the Lucifer Falls series; Pride. Chantal returns with this book; Wrath.

Wrath follows the story of Nigerian woman; Fatima Oni. Written in my favoured first person persepective, we see a powerful opening to the story as we overlook the brutal and savage death of Fatima at the hand of an unknown man.

As the story continues, Fatima finds her soul reborn, her body naked in another world, where she faces gurdians; tall, terriying creatures, with cold eyes, and their mouths sewn up with thick, black thread. The tortured souls are forced to climb to platforms, where they are judged by Tormentors, remorseless figures who are tasked to weigh their sins.

As Fatima climbs to her platform to recieve her justice, she takes a look back on her life; A young woman forced to marry her fathers brother; Igharuosa, pregnant with her first child at just eleven years old. Forced into a life, looking after her three step children, the oldest of which attempts to rape her. Beaten and locked away by an unloving husband, deformed by childbirth, leading to her losing another two subsequent babies.

Fatima then follows the story of her life with her children, right up to the point where she is murdered, upon receiving her judgement, she makes a somewhat surprising choice.

That's all that I'm going to say regarding the story, as its a fairly short book, and I don't want to spoil the entire plot.

Right, with my thoughts; this is a very powerful, thought provoking read. just when you think that things can't get much bleaker for the character, they do, in abundance. Be prepared for a twisted tale of love, jealousy, guilt, anger, betrayal and of course, wrath. 

Chantal portrays the character in a simplistic, fluid prose, that really befits the character and at times, almost seems poetic.

Be prepared for a read that will really get into your head. Its a story that will stay with you, that in itself makes it unique. It made such a profound statement on me, that I almost had to stop reading at one part for a break. At times, its truly heartbreaking.

That said, the story is brilliantly put together, and no way in hell (excuse the pun) did I see the plot twists coming. This is the first release of 2016 for Chantal. I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year for her.

Go grab this, but be prepared to be moved. And not necessarily in a good way.

My rating, no less than 5/5, superb book.

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