Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Book review - VHS - Kyle M Scott

For the second in Kyle M Scott's Razorblade Candy series, we are treated to VHS. After reading the first installment in the series, I was intrigued to see what he would come back with.

The story is based around twelve year old boy Iain, who, surrounded by his friends are beginning to discover the adolescent delights of sex and porn. His hormone riddled friend Mike is constantly talking about his love of his dad's illicit video collection, with one film in particular - UK Students XXX.

Partly driven by peer pressure, partly driven by curiosity, Iain goes rummaging around in the back of his dad's closet for his stash of video's. Mike assured him confidently that all dad's have them. When Iain discovers a treasure chest of hidden filth, he rushes downstairs with a video simply labelled 'Number Three' to the VCR in the family living room.

What he is about to discover will turn his whole life upon it's head.

With this series, Kyle appears to be trying to push the boundaries with the depravity and broken, deeply faulted characters that he is creating; taking a seemingly normal scenario and totally flipping it around into something dark, twisted and fun. So far he's pulling it off in abundance.

I know that he's a good writer, I've read enough of his stuff to expect the same consistent delivery of quality. For me, its just great fun to see what his twisted little sense of humour will come up with next. 

The story itself ambles along nicely, you know something is going to happen but you're not entirely sure what until it does and then you're left thinking, what?!! Beyond the messed up plot, he decides to throw in another twist right at the end for ample measure. 

Again, not for anyone with a weak stomach or a nervous disposition but it is a wonderfully dark and unsavoury read. I did find myself falling foul of laughing at parts that maybe I shouldn't have, however, that's just my weird sense of humour.

Bring on the next.

My rating 5/5 

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